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Question about Raw Bones

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Thanks to everyone who gave me some great advice re: keeping my poodle's teeth healthy.

I do not currently give him raw bones, but would like to try (it turns out that chocolate lab with great teeth gets them regularly, in addition to his kibble). I am wondering a few things about it and if anyone has good advice and info to help ease my discomfort (and queasy tummy!) The idea actually grosses me out a bit
, partly b/c I know he will drag that raw bone all over the house and furniture with him with the utmost glee--glee is a good thing, but I am wondering about the bone guck? slobber I can handle

I am also a little bit paranoid about raw stuff b/c I'm preggo, and will probably be even more paranoid about it when the baby comes out. I know most (if not all of you) are also parents, so I am wondering what you think? Are my fears based on myth & misinformation about germs an bacteria? (wouldn't that be fabulous!!) and if not, what do you do to not get your house too germy? (he pretty much has free reign over all the furniture besides our bed, which he, unfortunately for me b/c I miss our night time snuggles, has been trained out of since my positive pregnancy test)

Thanks in advance for sharing!
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I am not well enough versed to comment on if/how dangerous the germs are to you as pregnant woman. DH and I are very laissez faire about the whole thing, but everyone's comfort level is different. Hopefully someone else can talk about germs.

Aside from the germ issue, there are other reasons why you might not want the dog chewing bones on the couch (staining, lying down on the bits, etc.) So, there are several options. One is to feed the bones outside, or if you have a porch you can hose down. Otherwise you can use a plastic sheet (shower curtain) and gate off the area. When the dog drops the bone and looks eagar to do something else, then take it away.

You don't have to let the dog drag the bone all over. We do something in between. When the bone is fresh and has some meat, blood, etc. then the dogs have to eat on the tile kitchen floor or the porch. But once it's white and clean they are aloud into the living room, etc.
Im just starting my dog on a raw diet and so far whats working is locking her in the kitchen with the baby gate while she eats, or until she stands at teh gate waiting to be let out. If theres any left, it gets put away until she either "asks" for it back (by going to the kitchen and obviously waiting for it) or until the next day.... She really only wantd to take the goodies to her pillow that first day, now she gets that she has to stay there.

I use either vinegar/water or a very dilute bleach mix to mop/wipe surfaces down and use soap and water to clean her dish. In fact, plain soap and water will do just as good a job at cleaning as all that antibacterial gunk they sell. Basically just do hwat you would do for your own utensils, etc when preparing dinner (assuming you eat meat)
I give my dogs raw brisket bones, they are the neck (?) bones and most dogs can chew them until there is nothing left, I was never worried about germs when pg, but I wouldn't let them eat them in the house, leaving slobbered on bones all over the place eewww, Now my 13 mo will pick up a dry one in the yard or steal the dogs' and carry it around with no ill effects. I don't let her put them in her mouth though.
Is it possible to put him outside at all? I have to admit my dogs really work over the soup bones from the butcher and even though the "clingy bits" are soon gone, then the marrow starts to come out and mixes w/the slobber....

I just make sure they stay outside.

Good luck!
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We give our dogs the raw bone outside, they aren't allowed to bring them in until they are pretty picked off. Which doesn't take long, lol.
Yeah, to what everyone else says. Dogs can get their raw bones in the kitchen blocked off with a baby gate, or in their crate. I'm not a germ freak, and no one in my family has gotten sick. The dogs even lick my son's face. He's almost two.
What everyone else has said!!!
I'll add a couple other things though
Personally (and I so know it's personal!!!) I like my daughter exposed to a reasonable number of germs. I find with animals and humans that the sheltered tend to be sick FAR more often. My family doc is totally cool with us delaying vaccines, but she had a sub one time when Moll had to be seen for something else--the chick tried to give Moll a flu shot without my permission!!!! (this does not happen in Canada!) When I freaked on her she said "Well, where do you expect your daughter to get her immunities??" My reply was a defiant "From chewing on shopping cart handles!!"

Moll can frequently be found with dog toys in her mouth, while I minimize it for the personal grossness factor, I do not think it endangers her health in any way.

If you choose bones that can be consumed in one sitting, then the dog can simply be confined during his dinner (Havoc eats on the porch, Bedlam eats in the kennels) Beyond that, it just comes down to taking the same safety precautions with your dog's food that you'd take with your own. My family doc called me a couple months ago wanting an opinion--a child had salmonella, parents fed raw food to their dogs, her question was "Could this be the cause?" I explained that the only way that was the cause was if the owners didn't wash the dog bowls after they ate. Sure enough, they'd gone from kibble feeding to raw feeding but because their dog's cleaned the bowls, they never actually thought about taking the bowls up and washing them properly after the dog ate his raw chicken parts--the problem was not with the raw diet--but with the way the owners handled the cleaning factors.
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