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Question about restoration

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I have read the stickys at the top....and it seems like restoration can only be done as an adult. True?
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Skin Mitosis can happen at any age.

But I wouldnt advise it for anyone under 17ish personally.

During puberty the actual penis grows. The effort put into restoration could be for nothing, or the skin grown could wind up farther back on the shaft than originally wanted.

We don't know for sure because no one has experiamented with their kids and spoke up about it, and I'd think it would be a bit disturbing to try to 'practice' or get a 10 or 11 year old to attempt this and would border on the grounds of abuse.

It still is his penis, and it is his choice on weather or not he wants to restore.

Give them the facts in the late teens when they are becoming adults and let them decide on their own.

But cell mitosis can happen at any age, it is just the splitting of cells due to stress on them.
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Thank you! You've been very helpful!

Yes, see Yoshua's post. But growth might make it a wasted effort.


I am less sure that they are ready for it. It can be an ardous and frustrating process I am informed, some young minds might not be able to handle it.
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