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Question about size after pregnancy after loss

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So, they say you're supposed to get bigger sooner with subsequent pregnancies, but what's the deal with that and pregnancies that were never carried to term?

I've lost two previous pregnancies and I'm coming up on 9 weeks with this one (and so far, it's going great!) and I feel like I've kind of exploded and my pants are all of a sudden too tight and it seems too soon (maybe it's gas?).

Is that because of previous pregnancies or does that rule really only apply if you've expanded waaay out?
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It's my understanding that showing sooner is related to how tight your abs are. So, depending on how far along you were, you may be showing sooner or maybe not.

From one PAL to another, wishing you a wonderful pregnancy and birth!
This is my second and I am showing sooner. I don't know about the ab theory. I have had a very serious yoga practice since ds and my abs are probably stronger than they were before ds.
But this time I look about 9 wks pg in the morning (which I am) and about 3.5 months pg by mid afternoon. The bloating is extreme this time. I can't zip up my pants though. I don't think 9 wks for a first is too early for your pants to feel tight though. I was going up a size in jeans the first pg at about 9-10 wks.
I'm glad this pregnancy is going well!
I've wondered about this too. I have one kiddo and then had several losses--I'm HUGE at 10 weeks. I bike ride instead of drive so I would think that would be keeping the gain down, but I can't believe how big my belly is this time!
I had 3 m/c before I ever had a term pregnancy. They were 14, 12, and 9 weeks, so with the first couple I had started to wear bigger stuff, but not really full maternity...just that "slightly fat" stage, ya know?

Well, with DS (term baby) I was solidly unable to wear regular clothing by 9 weeks. I actually didn't get that huge with him (at 36wks you couldn't tell I was pg really except in profile). This one has been the same--9 wks and into the maternity clothes. I have some that are adjustable, cuz I'm not really poochy yet, but yeah, both this time and last time i'm definitely out of regular clothing. And I can definitely see a pooch.
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