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~Question about tics and head thrashing~

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So around 6 months I noticed my son would bob his head once in awhile..not really daycare lady said she never noticed it at all..I asked the dr and she said it is nothing to worry about.

Well just last week (now 11 months old)..I noticed he started to move his head side to side..not hard..but it seem involuntary to me?! Also I asked the daycare lady and she said she did notice it last week. (he is also sick with a cold..just fyi). Again it is not hard at all and he does not go all the way to the side..just a fast side to side motion?! Thoughts?!?!?!
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It might just be a motion he discovered and is playing with, my 8.5 month old is doing the same motion lately for fun. If you see a ped you can ask next chance you get whether that can be a sign of something there's early intervention for. But seems to me when I watch mine do it that it's just this week's new thing.
thanks I will keep my eye on it! I am such a worrier
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