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Question about Vaginal Exams and High BP?

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Today at my CNM appointment, my blood pressure was higher than usual. It was around 142/98. The protein test was negative, and I have no swelling, blurred vision, headaches or any other sign of trouble. I am 40 weeks 5 days.

When the nurse took me back to the exam room, she got out the little cloth sheet they use when giving a vaginal exam. I have declined all internal checks up to this point, and told the nurse I didn't want to be checked today. She told me because my blood pressure was high, that the midwife might "have to" check me, and she'd ask if it was OK to skip the VE.

After she left the room I lay down on my left side on the exam table and tried to just relax
while I pondered what had been said.

What bearing would high BP have on the usefulness of a vaginal exam? What is the connection there, because I'm just not seeing it?

I KNOW for a fact having an unwanted VE is not going to do anything to bring my BP down, in fact it's likely to have the opposite effect!

Having a VE is not going to tell how long it will be before I go into labor, nor will it tell anything about the well-being of my baby or the placenta, right?

So, was she just pulling that out of her butt or is there really a connection and I just don't know about it yet? Educate me please!

The young "apprentice" midwife did my appointment, and she did NOT insist on an exam, so I didn't ask her about it. I should have, but it slipped my mind. After lying down for a while, a second BP check was 138/90 and a third BP check was satisfactory enough that they said I could go home now.

I am going back for a NST this weekend if I have not gone into labor.

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I don't know what relevance there is to it. but I am not a mw so take my advice fwiw.

oh but but be CAREFUL letting them check you with high BP. i let this happened to me at exactl y 40 weeks (had high BP going on) and the mw stripped my membranes w/out consent! I really think she thought she could "help" me along.(I feel it was not a coincidence my water broke within hours either) baby was in a bad position and I ended up a c/s.
I have no idea.... maybe she just thought that since your bp was a bit high, she might want to check you and find out you are 80%, baby is at 0, and you're dialated to 3cm, which would mean you're going to go into labor *relatively* soon? (Sooner than someone who is at 20%, baby at -3, and dialated to 1cm.)

Like I said, no idea, just a guess.
BUt isn't that just the thing?

It does NOT matter if you are 80%, 3cm and baby is low in the pelvis, some people walk around like that for weeks before labor starts! I know someone who got up to 6-7 cm dilated for about a week before she finally went into labor! (obviously that was a VERY fast labor once it got going!)

And since this is my sixth pregnancy, the baby is not really very firmly engaged, so I'm fairly certain NOT at 0 station. I don't know how effaced I am, but it's also possible to be barely effaced or dilated, and go into labor and have a baby a couple HOURS after being told "you have a long time yet, you'll definitely be back next week, etc. etc."

I am so sorry that happened to you!
I was not planning on taking my pants off, and I doubt they would have pushed if I adamantly refused. BUT if I had caved to the curiosity, and decided to consent, I would only have done so after explicitly saying I DID NOT consent to having my membranes stripped or ANY OTHER procedure except a very quick check of the current dilation/effacement. But I totally agree, better safe than sorry, and my girlie parts are OFF limits if you're not my DH.

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