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question about very baby diaper pattern

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k, so my mum decided to get her sewing machine fixed ( :yay
so i'm thinking about just making dipes from the very baby pattern for the yet to be concieved newborn (early i know, but i'd rather get things gradually than all at once) i'm checking out amounts i have to get for the pattern (granted i have yet to buy the pattern, i just wanted to see if it would be cost effective) and all they have is amounts for the larges! what i was thinking was making a dozen mini diapers and a dozen front snap fitteds and 3 wool covers and 5 pul...does anyone have the pattern and can tell me yardage??

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I just got the pattern myself, and can't wait to get started. Info on yardages is available at

If you scroll down, it tells you what you need for 1 dipe or 12. Look under the other patterns (AIO and Snug Wrap) for yardages for those, too.

I'd love to see how your dipes turn out. I'm excited to work on mine once my newborn is a bit older.

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see that's where i looked and the yardage is for larges
and i'm not quite sure on how to calculate from larges to newborn, and for the soaker/booster (which i am assuming is the mini diaper) it doesn't have yardages at all!! thank you though!! i know i'm all excited about starting too
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I remember wondering the same thing before I started.

I made VB XSs and SMs last fall, using both the AIO and fitted patterns. Honestly, I can't remember exactly, but I think I got almost a dozen dipe inners out of a yard of 60" organic cotton fleece fabric, the same for outers from organic french terry, and used scraps from the same yardage for the soakers. That was the XS. It might have been 10 for the smalls.

Sorry! I should have written it down...
oh no that helps
if i only had to get a yard of each it would definatly be worth it!! or even two
i was just wondering b/c it says you will need three inner layers and i haven't seen a xs dipe so i have no clue on how small they are! i guess the only way to truely tell is to get the pattern....thanx!
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