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Question about "weeks"

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Hi already mamas~
Maybe someone could clear things up for me. I am a bit puzzled about how far along I am. I know pregnancy goes by lunar months. I am only 3ish weeks along according to the "normal" calendar, but I am 5 weeks according to pg calendar. Which do you tell people? We want to wait until 12 weeks to tell people, so the way the pg calendar is zipping along, that's not too far!
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You'll tell people the later date - 5 wks. Otherwise, they won't understand. Unfortunately "gestational age" is a lost concept. At least this means you can tell people sooner.
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Most people go by the pregnancy calendar. That's how your due date is calculated. So 5 weeks would be accurate. Congratulations and I hope you find some fun and interesting ways to tell people.
Yeah, pretty much everyone in our culture dates pregnancy from the date of the last period (theoretically 2 weeks before ovulation/conception), so at the time you actually become pg, you are considered 2 weeks. If you conceived 3 weeks ago, you are considered to be 5 weeks pg.
I think the pregnancy weeks thing is absurd...2 weeks pregnant at conception!...but I have to admit that getting to say I'm 2 more weeks along has felt good recently. Makes it seem like morning sickness will end sooner, LOL.

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