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Question about what to do with herbs?!?!

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In my herb garden, that survived
I have:


Does anyone know of a website that says what you can do (dry,freeze, etc) to preserve them for the winter,ALSO does anyone know of what that has recipes (food,etc) for lots of different herbs. I'd also be interested in balms, salves, etc.

ALSO, I have the big leafed basil here and really want to keep it inside this winter and see what happens. Will it work inside? We had an unexpected frost last week (normally don't get it until about Oct 21st or so) plants seem to be doing fine, is there anything that could be wrong that I can't see??

Sorry sooo many questions- it was my first year doing herbs at all!
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I have had success in freezing parsley, chives and oregano. We are able to buy bags of frozen basil here, so I think you could freeze that too. All you do is rinse the leaves off, shake/pat them dry and put them into a little bag or container in the freezer. Frozen herbs are the next best thing to fresh ones. There is really a world of difference in taste.

Windowsill herb gardens look chic in magazines, but that is a fantasy. I had tried for years to get beautiful robust herbs to grow under apartment conditions, but they always died by midwinter. I blamed the light conditions, a possible gas leak from the stove, and of course myself before reading that most of the herbs used in European cooking need to live outdoors and virtually CANNOT be grown inside. Some of them are adapted to Mediterranean (mild) winters, and some are annuals that come back again in the Spring, but very few will tolerate living all year at the same temperature.

Basil is an annual, I don't know if there are any longer-living varieties. Try your best with the plant, and if it seems to be dying off, thank it for its services and make yourself a bowl of pesto.

For specific recipies, try They have a searchable recipe database where you can put in an ingredient and it gives you back all the different things you can make with it. You can futher specify that you want it to be a soup, vegetarian, Greek, or whatever.
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