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Question about wool blend soakers

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Do they work as well as 100% wool soakers? Does anyone have any experience with wool blend soakers. I saw a cute watermelon one on ebay that is 50% pure merino wool & 50% acrylic and I'm wondering how well it would work since I've only used 100% wool covers and my ds is a heavy wetter. Wool Blend Soaker

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I think it would be fine for daytime. But maybe not night.
That's cute!! I think it would be fine. My acrylic soakers work great
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Don't know from experience, but I've heard more than once that merino stretches and doesn't go back into shape. People use acrylic and like them, but you have to wash them all the time or they stink. Personally, I like washing them only once or twice a month so we stick with 100% wool.
I use wool blend soakers all the time - some of my favorites are a thinner wool/nylon blend. If you lanolize them well, they do not have to be washed all the time. And they seem to work just fine for overnight for us, too. Like any soaker, it's the diaper underneath that is the deciding factor when it comes to leakage.
I had a soaker that was only 10% wool and 90% acrylic and it didn't work at all. DS's clothes were soaked
Is there a certain percentage of wool that the soaker needs to be effective, or is it just the amount of lanolin? Should I try to lanolize the cover that leaked? or is there no hope for that one?
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a good rule of thumb: minimum of 30% wool for good protection.
The diaper underneath is important, too. Is the same diaper combo effective under 100% wool? Because if the diaper is too thin to slow the stream of urine, a wool cover will get wet, even if it's 100% & fully lanolized.
Thanks for the info ladies -- I have been wondering this too. My friend wants to make her newborn some soakers but could only find wool-ease yarn which is a blend. I wasnt sure what to tell her about it since I havent tried a blended soaker.

I am assuming that if a blend works for a soaker it would be fine for making liners as well? She wants to make those too and I only make them out of wool so I wasnt sure.
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