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Question for a friend re: cloth "pull-ups" for older child...

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Hi! Hoping you can help me help a friend. Background. i did cloth with my DD for about a year (started late then life got me back in disposable). I'm pg. with my third and plan to use cloth exclusively this time from day one. When my kid's potty learned I didn't mess with pull ups (except occasionally at night) or "training pants" (meaning cloth ones) I just stuck them in reg. undies and cleaned up the mess until they got the idea, which in my kid's case didn't take long...even at night.

Well, I have this cyber friend who has never used cloth and doesn't plan to, but knows that I do and asked me a bunch of questions and such (she is pg. too). Well her Seven yr. old has night time wetting issues. It sounds like her bladder just hasn't developed enough AND she is a sound sleeper and doesn't wake up when she pee's so she will be REALLY soaked in the morning. My friend was spending a ton of money on Good Nights (you know for bigger kids) and was getting really frustrated. Not with her DD but with the mess and expense. Well I took the opportunity to talk with her more about cloth and suggested the cloth "pull-up" type pants...if nothing else to save her some cash and maybe the child would feel it and wake up. Well I just got an e-mail from her and apparently it's not working (now I did tell her I had no experience with the cloth "trainers" but it just might be something to try). She has now e-mailed me in need of further advice, but I have NO experience with the "trainers" (I hate calling them that, but don't know a better word) OR with an older child that still wets at I thought I would post that part of her e-mail and see if any of you have any advice for her....

Her is her quote....

"I have tried the cloth diaper pull-ups quite a few times, and they just don't work. First off, I was hoping DD would wake up when they were wet (nope). Then I was hoping I'd be able to use them as replacements for the blasted disposables... doesn't look like that will happen, either, b/c she wets through them EVERY time. I was hoping one brand would be better over another, but nope. I tried limiting fluids (doesn't work), having her wear underwear underneath (didn't help). I am ready to give up. Any other recommendations before I completely throw in the towel?"

Tell me something to pass onto her PLEASE!!! I so want to help her...and I was hoping to lean her toward cloth..but fear I may have done just the opposite!

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Has she tried motherease bedwetter pants? I think they're considered some of the best. Also, has a variety of cloth pants that might work.

I would use a combination - she could try using a thick cloth trainer, then using a windprofleece or pull-on wool cover over that - then her dc wouldn't think she was wearing a diaper, just some kind of sweaterpant thingy? You can get Aristocrats wool soakers or Dancing Bears fleece pull-ons from - the fleece sized XL might fit a 7 year old!

Can you/should you use inserts in the trainers? I was thinking of suggesting the microfiber towels from the auto section to see if that helped. I hate to send her to another web site to buy more stuff if it's not going to work for her. I am going to send her the last response though, I'm just not sure if she will be willing to buy more. I don't know which trainers she got, but I know she bought them from Coleen at Natural babies and she at least got two different kinds.

Thanks again
What has she used, specifically? For my little girl (4) we use Snap-ez pocket trainers ("nap-ez"). She makes them in a larger size and they work very well. You can stuff them to get the absorbancy you need. We use a hemp trifold.
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