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question for any midwives here

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I am 22 weeks, and I saw my midwife yesterday. She palpated my uterus and found that my baby is very far engaged in my pelvis, so much so that she cant feel the head.

I realize babies can turn all the time, and this is no indication that baby will stay engaged or this far down for the next 17 weeks.


I have that very familiar late pregnancy "there's a baby in my pelvis" ache. It is just about excruciating to sit in a chair, and I feel that "the baby is gonna fall out" feeling when I walk at the mall and at the grocery store or whatever. Like the last 4 weeks of pregnancy feelings.

There was no reason to have my dilation checked, Im not contracting. But Im wondering about the really hard cervical pressure that goes with this engagement, and I wonder if I am at risk for effacing? Or anything?

Should I try and do something positioningwise to lure the baby back out from my pelvis??

Just asking some questions here. Its too early to feel like this!!!

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I'm not a birth professional nor do I play one on TV...

but I think pelvic tilts and some knees-to-chest position might help move the baby up at least for a little while.

Good luck!
Do you have a tilted uterus? I know I have one (it goes into my spine instead of outward) and sometimes it tilts in so far that when I lay down my belly is quite small. Other times the baby moves and it sticks way way out. I know when it does tilt in twords my spine and pelvis, it doesn't feel pleasant. My previous prengnacy with my daughter was the same way.

I know in my previous pregnancy my doctor would manually tilt my uterus to a normal position, but it would pop back after a while. I hear there are excercises you can do, but I personally don't think I was doing them correctly because they didnt' work for me.
I'm not a midwife either (though I do have plans to become one once my children are no longer nursing every day). My first DD was totally "engaged" from about 26 weeks on. I managed to waddle around feeling like she was about to fall out of me for 11 more weeks. It was not fun, but even after my water broke unexpectedly, my cervix did not dilate beyond 3 cm. So no, I don't think you need to worry about that. Now, then, if you are having other problems, too, you might want to work on taking better care of yourself and reducing the stress in your life. But the baby being low in and of itself is not something to worry about. If I were you, I'd do a lot of squatting and pelvic tilts, and not spend much time on my feet or sitting in a reclined position.

ETA: I do have a tilted uterus, never thought there was any sort of connection, though. I carried my 2nd DD much higher. I'd take shortness of breath over having a thimble-sized bladder any day!
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