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Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if I could get some feedback from you.

How careful were you with your charting while BF and before your first PPAF? If you weren't careful - did you get a BFP before you first PPAF? All you really hear is the women who are like "Don't do it! I got pregnant right away!!!!!"

Here is my thing - my DD2 is 4.5 months old. I am thinking that BF makes me pretty infertile because I stopped completely BF my DD1 at 4 months and JUST night fed her. At 8 months I ran dry and I didn't get my PPAF until 2 months after that. My first cycle was 59 days, second cycle 49 days, and then I got a BFP.

This time I plan on BF my DD until 18-24 months.

I basically just want to know if I can not think about it until I get my "warning" period and then just basically cut DH off except on the dryest of dry days
while I figure my wacky body out.

Getting pregnant again would not be the end of the world - but I REALLY want to get a year or two of charting normal cycles under my belt first and would also like to try for a boy next time (poor DH is a little outnumbered

Thanks for any input! I know I have been annoying everyone with my BF questions
but I am just so glad I actually have someone to ask! Glad I found this place!!
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