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Question for co-sleepers.

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Those that share a bed, do you lay your child down before you go to bed at night? Or do you go to bed when they go to bed?
Just nosey.
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these days, i nurse ds to sleep in our bed and just leave him there. we usually hang out in the office or in my sewing/tv room down the hall. when he was smaller and not able to get out of the bed by himself, i'd put him in his crib in his room.

not sure if we're still unusually paranoid, but if one of us has to go way down to the basement, the other generally stays upstairs to keep an ear out.
We all go to bed together. First I send my 7yr old ds off to his bed, then dp, baby-face & I climb into our bed. my 14 yr old often stays up til the wee hours.

I nurse her to sleep and lay her in our bed. I go to bed a few hours later.
i nurse dd to sleep in our bed. we go to bed few hours later, she is fine with it.
i usually keep ds (6 mos.) up until i'm ready to go to bed, if he falls asleep before i'm ready nine times out of ten i will just hold him. BUT generally all i'mm doing at that point is reading and replying here or e-baying

he does sometimes NAP alone though.
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I've always nursed him to sleep in our bed and then I get up.
With DD who is 13 months, I nurse her and then DH holds her on the couch laying down and in about two seconds she is out. He then lays her in the bed.

With DS who is four and a half he lays down at 8:30 and is allowed to watch 30 minutes of cartoons and then lights are out at 9:00.

We go to bed sometime after he is asleep.

Originally Posted by hellyaellen
i usually keep ds (6 mos.) up until i'm ready to go to bed, if he falls asleep before i'm ready nine times out of ten i will just hold him.
Same here.
Well Mikey is (3.5yrs) still co-sleeping with us, and DH & I both agree to let him sleep with us till Mikey feels ready. Mikey doesn't nurse, so I usually lay down with him, rub his back and talk to him, and wait for him to fall asleep, sometimes I fall asleep with him and stay in bed, sometimes I get up as soon as he is asleep and check e-mail, chat with DH.
I got sleep the same time I put dd in bed. For now she will not stay asleep unless I'm right there. But that is okay b/c I am ready to go to bed when she does. Dh says up for about 30min and watches a little tv then comes to bed.
Until DD was 7 months, I went to bed when she did--she slept so poorly that I really needed to be in bed for 10-11 hours to get 8 hours of sleep.

But after 7 months she started sleeping more deeply and I would nurse her to sleep and then sneak away for a few hours.
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I've always taken the kids to bed at 7pm, and as I'm usually exhausted by then I lay down with them and just relax and read a book while they settle down to sleep. I stay there for an hour and get up feeling ready to do a little work (I WAH in the evenings), I usually go off to bed to join the kids around 11.30.
The 10 and 12 year olds sleep in their own beds (but are welcome to come into ours at any time!), but the 2 year old still sleeps with us part-time...the other time, he's in with the 10 year old.

When he does sleep with us, we all go to bed at the same time. We either read or watch tv in bed
: and he falls asleep between us.
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We go to bed the same time as the kids. Somewhere between 9:30-10:30, I announce, "I'm going to bed!" and there is a great rush to follow me.
Occasionally the kids will want to go to bed earlier than me, so I go lay down with them, and usually end up falling asleep anyway. Rarely I will get up again after they've gone to sleep to get a little bedtime with my husband (he has to sleep in a separate bedroom, poor guy.)

I wake up earlier than them, so I get my "me time" then. I love early morning, it's so peaceful, and I'd rather have time to myself when I'm rested than when I'm dead tired.
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When DD was a newborn she stayed up with us or slept in arms or sling until we went to sleep--she did not tolerate sleeping alone at that time. Now, at 4 months old, we usually parent her to sleep--with a nurse, bounce, rock, swaddle combo--out in the living room, then put her in the co-sleeper once she is in a deep sleep (she moves from co-sleeper to bed when she needs to nurse in the night). Then we'll either stay up and hang out or go to sleep ourselves depending on how we feel.
Over time, my routine is now I just go to bed with my daughter. I found that I was just falling asleep with her at 8 and then either I'd have to get back up and turn off the lights or do my evening chores, wash up and brush teeth, etc. Or if I got up and stayed up for a while, it was hard to get back to sleep and I'd be up late. So I go to bed at 8 and if I don't fall asleep, I will read for a while after she's asleep. Then I get up early in the morning to have coffee, do yoga, and have "me" time. I also shower and get ready for work before I get her up for preschool so I can snuggle a little bit with her before we dash out the door. It's what works for us.
We put DS down alone before we go to bed. DH usually wants "alone time" in the evenings so we have a playpen for DS. He goes to sleep, and after he's really out, I put him there. A few hours later, DH and I go to bed and snuggle or whatever. When DS stirs, one of us gets him and brings him to bed. Lately, he's been sleeping through the night on his own a lot though *sniffle*
I usually nurse DS to sleep and then get up for a couple of hours and clean the kitchen or surf online. DH goes to bed before me on these occasions. Sometimes I just stay in bed with DS and either read or fall asleep myself.

I've noticed that if I fall asleep closer to the same time as DS, our sleep cycles are more in sync. If I stay up too late, then I'm out of sync and don't always wake as quickly when DS needs to nurse or pee (we EC.) Plus if I stay up too late then I'm tired the next day when DS wants to play!
Normally I nurse DS (5 months) to sleep and leave him in bed with DP and then I get time to do whatever I want - usually check my email and browse the boards here
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