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Question for Dallasmom re: Booster seat

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Can you tell me if this booster seat is safe?

My 3.5 yo child is 33# and meets the thirty-pound minimum weight (and height) requirements of this seat. My concern is that it doesn't have a separate base or something like that -- unlike a car seat, it's just a literal "booster" that boosts the child up so that the three-point harness in the rear can fit snugly around their pelvis.

I would love the benefit of your expertise.
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I just spent 30 minutes typing you a lengthy post and LOST IT! UGGGGGHHH!!! Ok, the short end of it was you do not have to go straight to a booster....(the one you linked is fine as long as it wasn't recalled and it meets FMVSS guidelines)...two things to your child emotionally mature enough to handle sitting still so that the booster does it's job? And keeping your child in a 5 point restraint for as long as possible is safest practice. The 5 point harness spreads out the intense crash forces over a wide range of the little ones bodies. You have two other choices:

a convertible seat...I recommend Britax Wizard or Marathon...they are the only car seat maker at present that utilizes the 5 point harness until 65 pounds! Pricey but you'll get good use out of this.

OR try a

combination seat...this seat is a forward facing only seat with a 5 point harness generally to be used with kiddos up to 40 pounds. And then at 40 pounds, they convert to a belt positioning booster. Graco Ultra Cargo is a good choice.

Here are some other links which will help you:

Have your seat inspected after you install it (anything but a booster as a booster is not really installed).

Check out a seats recall history:

Child seat ratings:

Great info here:

Good luck and let me know if you have any ?'s.

CPS tech and mom to 2 sons in seats
Making a difference one car seat at a time.
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She's mature enough, which is great, but what worries me is the fact that the booster isn't belted in there -- it just "floats," as it were, and I'm concerned that in a crash, it would fail to really pin her in there. I already extend the belt all the way out so that it automatically locks in place tightly, so there's no more "play" with the seatbelt than there would be in a 5-pt. harness.

I really like the Britax, but the price! Yikes!!!! Oh, how frustrating. Thank you so much for your feedback, and I'm sorry I got your name wrong.
By the way, I just wanted to tell you thanks! Got the Britax on your recommendation and Consumer Reports', which said the same thing. I really appreciate your help -- you may have saved my daughter's life.
Great to hear. You are very welcome although I didn't do much...
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BUMP for those that wanted more info on car seat stuff.
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