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question for ERGO users

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I am seriously considering buying the ergo. . .

The one thing I am wondering about is how hard it is to put the baby on your back when you're all alone. My kids are 7 months old. It seems like it would be awkward at best, but maybe I am just imagining the process wrong?


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I've had my Ergo for a few months, and it was hard at first to get dd in by myself but after some practice it was no problem. It's kinda like the just have to work with it a little bit! But in my experience it has been totally worth it...all the ads are true about how comfortable it is!
I found it quite easy actually. After the first few times it's pretty much second nature - like putting your child on your back for a piggy back ride will be as they get older. If you're slinging already, you've probably already prefected balancing them while placing them into the sling. I loved the Ergo and only stopped using it (and sold it) when DS told me his penis felt squished at 3 years old.
I used a mirror the first couple of times. And one other time I had to set the baby on the floor, but ever since we've been fine. DS thinks it's a game and holds on while I push/pull him onto my back.

It is an awesome carrier. So comfy -- just like wearing a backpack to school.
I have had my Ergo for about 2 weeks now and I love it! That said, I am still awkward when I have to put ds on my back alone. I think the main problem is that ds(9months) doesn't understand that I am just trying to get him in right, he throws a big tantrum and squirms a lot. As soon as he is situated though, he loves it. It is all about having the straps loose enough to comfortably get his legs in and then tightening them up.
I totally recommend this carrier.
We got one. I am absolutely IN LOVE. I don't really understand why it's so comfortable, but it is. It's truly fabulous. I put Luke on my back (definitely awkward, but not impossible), and he laughed! He just laughed and laughed as I walked around the house. Then I put him on my front and he fell asleep instantly. Like, before I even had finished clipping it on. He's never fallen asleep like that before. So, I was instantly sold.

I love how cozy it is, and the warmth of the baby's body next to mine. It feels like being pregnant again almost.

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Once we have it on, Zack (who is 11 months) is very comfy either way, front or back.

However, he always thinks it is a game when we are putting it on the back. He throws himself backwards instead of lying on my back while I get him it. I can't put it on alone unless I am sitting on my bed, because he has fallen off my back in the process

Both DH and I do love it. We both think our Kelty backpack is more comfortable for us and for Zack, but the thing is so darn huge! The Ergo is so packable it fits in the diaper bag. We always take it with us in case we need it.
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I've been using the Ergo for a couple of months now and it's by far my favorite carrier. I actually don't put it on the way the instructions say to. I put it down on the bed, lay my baby on it (who is 8 months old now), then I sort of back myself into it and hook it around my waist. I pull the baby's legs on my sides and then slip the shoulder straps on like a back pack. I wasn't comfortable trying other ways without seeing it and now I'm just used to it this way.
I love my ergo. I didn't buy it until my son was 24 lbs., now he is 27lbs and he gets really heavy in the sling. It is easier for me to get him in the sling by myself, but so worth it if I take the time to get him in the ergo. It is so much more comfortable on my back. I think if I had been using it from early on I would be used to it.
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