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Question for full-(day)time Fuzzibunz users

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Full-time (at least during the day) Fuzzibunz users: How many Fuzzibunz do you have and how often do you wash?

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I have 6 FB and 6 HH - So I wash every 2 days. She is only in FB or HH at the babysitter's (or at night if we don't have any sleeptights clean).

If she was going to be in FB from the time she woke up until bedtime - I'd probably need a few more.
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I use FBs on days we go out or when someone comes over to convert! I have 10-12 and I wash every other day.
I have 23 FB but Ava only wears them on MWF when she goes to school. I use fitteds wool on her full time when we're home. I do laundry every other day - not because I run out of dipes but because I don't want poopy stains

I've got 9 FBs and 12 wonderoos.
I do laundry every 2-3 days, whenever the pail is full.

I've gotten by with less than 10 though, and just washed CONSTANTLY.
I hang dry my FBs and wonderoos, then dry the inserts in the dryer. So I need enough leway to allow the dipes to air-dry.
I wash every 2 days or so (mainly because I have 2 night dipes) and in 24hrs the dipes are super dry....meanwhile I have a days worth of I need to have roughly 3 days worth
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Thanks ladies. I think I'm going to start with a dozen (6 more than I have already) and see how that works. DS goes to daycare 2x/week and wears prefolds/wraps there, so I only need the FB for the other days.

Muchas gracias for all the advice!
I have approximately 30 FBs and 2 kids in them full-time. I have more than enough since we are transitioning sizes a bit, but I wash daily since the pail gets so full with 2 kids. A dozen for a toddler should be more than enough.
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Hmmmm...8 FBs right now. Wish I had more, but I have a huge mix and match stash from dd1! She's in the FBs at night and when going out simply b/c they are the most reliable (and cutest). We do laundry every other day at least, but I have a toddler who changes three times a day and boobs that leak so it's not just b/c of diapers!
i have 8 fb's - lots of pockets tho
22 hh's, 3 starbunz, an ellas, a wonderoo and a harleyz
so 36 diapers. I do laundry every 4 - 5 days now

but he's figured out aplix so i'm going to start trading my hh's for fb's
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