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Question for Midwives: Vitamin B6

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Hello ladies! My DH and I are TTC our second child, and my luteal phase has been very short. This isn't abnormal for me ... when we were TTC my son it was only 10-11 days long. But this last cycle it was only 8 days long. I'm going to start taking Vitamin B6 to try and lengthen it out a bit and was wondering how many milligrams I ought to take. Any thoughts/recommendations?

Rebekah and Aidan (2/26/02)
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Hello, RebekahKurth!

I just want to say re: vitamin B6, pyrodoxine hydrochloride, is a good vitamin for after you are pregnant since it helps in the absorpsion and metabolism of your proteins and has been known to help in the prevention of emesis gravidarum aka morning sickness.

It has been an ingredient in medications that have been prescribed in the past for morning sickness.

I do believe it would be a healthy nutrient prenatally, also, as would all of the B-complex factors.
I would start with a vegetarian based prenatal vitamin that has b-6. That will generally be an absorbable and digestable level
What prenatal vitamin do you recommend? I tried taking the Rainbow Light "Prenatal One" and it made me incredibly itchy and sick as a dog. I don't know for sure, but I think I may be allergic to it ... I have bad allergies and wouldn't be surprised if I'm allergic to some of the plant-based ingredients. I know it's "better" to take a prenatal that is plant based, as it is absorbed more easily and I really WANT to take the best vitamin I can, but I also don't want to spend a fortune on vitamins that make me feel like crap!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
I like the Floridix Iron + Herbs for women during pregnancy, which is not a complete multivitamin, but honestly most women don't always need a large spectrum vitamin if they are healthy and have access to good and fortified foods ( which is the majority of the US) and avoiding sodas, too much sugars, and greasy foods. Since you are wanting more b-6, how about just a B-vitamin complex?
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