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My parents ran a photography studio for many years. They own the building that it was in. They have been trying to sell the building for years, with no success. What do you see in the future for them and this building? They need to sell it to get on with their retirement. Are there important things they need to do in order for it to sell? When do you see it selling?<br><br>
Thank you...this is keeping their life on hold.<br><br><br>

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Okay, I think I can help you.<br>
I don't see anything wrong with the building that is holding this up. I thought maybe I saw that at first, but we clarified that was in it's old state.<br>
It feels more like an energetic attachment to me now. I feel like your Mom in particular, although on one hand is ready to retire, hasn't completely let go of this building. Energetically and emotionally speaking. She may think that she has, but since all else seems to be failing, whats the harm in her maybe taking some time to have a little ceremony in regards to moving onto the next stage of life. And letting this building go that hosts a lot of memories and hard work. I really get the sense pretty clearly now that your Mom is not having as easy of a time moving into the next phase of life as she may lead others to believe. I think she is entering her crone stage (I say that with love as I do not look at that as an ugly term like some ppl do). I know on the outside she might make it look like everything is fine, but she is actually having her own little internal meltdown. As her daughter I really encourage you to help her with this letting go and entering this new phase. It even has the feeling of "empty nest" syndrome on it. Even though your parents are the one leaving the nest so to speak, it was their nest.<br>
Maybe a little ceremony she could come up with. Or her just simply going to the building privately and saying thank you and bless it to be a good fit for someone else. People think they can just leave buildings and homes where they have led lives in. But energy can stick. And buildings really do have their own.<br>
Try to explain this in whatever way will make sense to them. I think it will sell soon if she will truly let it go in her heart.<br>
Your Dad on the other hand is very ready. lol<br><br><span style="color:#008000;">*Please remember that all questions are answered here on the forum only. I do not accept private pm's for more information on your question.*<br>
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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you.</span>
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