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Question for Parents of Downs Syndrome Child

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We have a family in our church who has a daughter age 10 with Down's Syndrome. They have been increasingly stressed lately with the constant high energy demands of their daughter. We would like to surprise them and do something for I was wondering what are some things others could do for you that you would find helpful.

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I am not the mother of a child with Down's but am a big sister to one. I recommend RESPITE! Offer to do fun activities with the child or have the child overnight for a weekend or whatnot. Give the parents a break! Other things that may work is helping transporting to activities if the child is in special olympics...and if not involved, perhaps find out about your local SO and see if they are interested in having her join. Perhaps a mentor may be nice as well. Those are the things that my family would have appreciated from people we trusted.

I'm also a big sister to a Down's child
My brother is 17 and the baby in our family. He's a total joy! But yes, parents of children with Down's face knowing that their kids will always be kids. And finding care can be very difficult. I would also definitely recommend some respite.

When I want to give my parents a break, I have my brother come visit us for the day. I'll rent some movies, or we'll go to a museum or a park. It's nice to spend time with him, great for my boys to play with their uncle and my parents get some much-needed alone time.

I think it's great you want to help out, btw. You're a wonderful person
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That is what I was thinking too. I just wasn't sure how their DD would handle being left with relative strangers. She is a very sweet girl and has played with my DD and held the baby some at church. We'll probably talk to the pastor too and see if he knows of anything they need.

what a great gesture! I am a single parent of an almost 13 yo ds boy. I have never had someone reach out to me like that- just the gesture alone would be so heartwarming to the parents. My suggestion- offer to babysit! Getting a breather is such a relief. Thank you for your kindness.
If at all possible, maybe you could slowly build a relationship so that this is an on going thing rather than a one time . It would be a gift to both of your families! And that way both of you daughters could develop a meaningful attachment
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