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Question for someone who knows about bankruptcy

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We really had no choice but to file bankruptcy due to $30,000.00 in medical bills for my stepson who develpoed a chronic disease. (long story but they were "this close" to taking about 60% of dh's earnings - he only makes 15.00/hr to begin with)
Anyhow, I didnt like to do it, but after speaking with alot of people & 3 different lawyers, in our situation it was really the only thing to "save us" from being homeless and starving.

So, lately we've been getting some old medical bills, they equal almost $1200.00 - I'm not sure why. I'm afraid that there is some possibility that somehow these bills were left off of the bankruptcy?? I dont know.
But I'm worrying myself tonight. Is there a way to add them if somehow they were left off, the bankruptcy has been discharged a few months now.
My friend said that I need to call the place the bills are from and tell them we filed bankruptcy and that will be the end of it, but I'm not sure it would be so easy if the bills were left off of the bankruptcy in the first place.
Now I'm worried about what else might have been left off somehow......

Does anyone know anything about this type of situation?
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I have to check with dh but I'm pretty sure that when we got old bills he called the lawyer.

Now I handle the bills so I would know if it happened now, but thankfully it as not happened in the past several years (I took over the bills at least 2 years ago)
It is possible to ammend a bankruptcy to include other creditors, within a certain time frame of the date of filing. Check with an attorney in your area to get accurate information on the time limits and procedure.
first, DO NOT PAY THEM. this can affect the dischargeability of those particular debts. send them a copy of your final discharge papers via certified mail, then check your original schedules to make sure those creditors were included in your petition. if not, go to the bankruptcy court clerk and file an amendment to add them to your bk IMMEDIATELY. there are time limits!
Thanks y'all. I was reading around the internet today and if the things I've been reading can be trusted, I've found out that since we had a "no assets ch. 7 bankruptcy," everything before the bankruptcy is discharged whether it was officially listed or not.
So, I'm going to mail copies of the papers, ect. to these billing services. And for good measure, call the attorney Monday.
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