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Question for the Pumpers

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Just curious--
what's the MOST you've pumped in a day and the LEAST you've pumped in a day? and was that for your own supply or donation?

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I've only pumped for my own supply.

Least: 0 oz. -- when bringing in my supply after birth
Most: ~30 oz. -- when away from my baby for an entire day & night!

BTW -- I was in Houston when I did that!
Are you asking those who exclusively pump? Or those who pump while at work, for example, and breastfeed the rest of their days?

I am in the latter category; and only pumping for my baby's supply. I'd say the most I pumped in a day (3 pumping sessions) is 24 ounces. The least I've pumped in day, well, zero obviously.
When I exclusively pump, I can get upwards of 36 oz per day. The most I've ever gotten in one day was about 48 oz and the least was about 24 oz.
No I mean like you-- and me-- just curious because I am pumping for donation (and EBF my DS) and only pump twice/day....and it seems my supply has gone down.

Plagio-- wow! 30ozs...! oh wait that wasn't ON TOP of what the baby ate. But still good!
maybe I should reword the question....or repost! Sorry I must be tired
Thanks everyone!
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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