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Question for you Calgary mamas..

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I will be traveling back to Calgary this July for a wedding and a 50th annversary party. Unfortunately, the events are 2 weeks apart and I will be staying with elderly relatives. These relatives refuse to babyproof and don't like noise AT ALL (and I am bringing my 2 yo DS, my sister, her 6 yo and 1 yo). I am going to want to be out of the house as much as possible during that time. SO.....I need ideas of stuff to do in Calgary in july with kiddos! We are already going to the Stampede parade and stuff, but I need good ideas of things we can go do during the day to get away from the elderly relatives who drive us nuts. I haven't lived there since I was a toddler, so I have no clue what there is to do! Any ideas? What do YOU do with your kids? Any good parks, museums, working farms, anything fun and educational-ish? We will have a 6 yo girl, a 1 yo girl and my 2 yo son.

Thanks, ladies!

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I just found out about this board today, but to your question! There is the science centre, which is supposed to be a lot of fun. There is Cardell Place, a place entirely devoted to children. Any Leisure Centre for swimming, and other programs running. Butterfield Acres, a family farm. Geez, now I can't think of anything else. But there is a ton to do. Have fun!

Don't forget Calaway Park (an amusement park on the NW end of town), the Glenbow Museum with its Discovery room (perfect for kids),Bowness Park another link & map, Devonian Gardens, Heritage Park (an outdoor museum/historical park with train rides, candy store, restaurants, old houses to go through, playground, etc.), the Calgary Zoo, Fish Creek Park, other link...

Here is a list of Calgary Festivals. Most weekends in the summer, there is an outdoor festival on Prince's Island Park, at the center of town. link Oh, here it is, the Calgary Folk Music Festival will be on Prince's Island Park from 7/27/06 to 07/30/06, that would be a really fun few days to get a weekend pass to and spend all your time lounging on the grass, under the sun, enjoying the music. There is a water play area and playground nearby, too. Shakespeare in the Park runs from 07/04/06 to 08/26/06 on Prince's Island, too (same link as above).

If you have a vehicle or can rent a vehicle, I highly suggest going to Drumheller and visit the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur

Also, Edmonton is just 3 - 3 1/2 hours away and I happen to believe that the West Edmonton Mall is a must see. You can spend a day in the huge waterslide park, or stay in the Fantasyland Hotel or put the kids on some rides in Galaxyland.

Then of course, you have to spend time in the mountains. Both Canmore and Banff are fun places to just walk around. Perhaps spend a day swimming in the hot springs pool in Banff.

Here is the link to Calgary's Child magazine. You might find some good info on there. The July calendar isn't up yet but it should be soon.

You could always check out the Calgary library system and try to make it to some children's events.

Hope that helps!
I don't even live in Calgary but do know some of the fun stuff to do there as I have lived there in the past.

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Wow- thanks for the great ideas! I am taking notes and planning our trip!
i've been to most of the places you've listed as a kid, RiverSky, but had forgotten the names and/or addresses. Now I can get all the info I need to go again!

We are definitely going to Banff for a couple days.. Its one of my favorite places on earth. Dh and I had our honeymoon there!
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We go to Devonian and the zoo fairly often

There is a water park near Eau Claire market that will be really happening around that time too.
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