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Question for you wise mama's...

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I am writing an open book exam for my doula training and I have a question that I need some help with...

1. One of your clients contacts you to say that her baby, now 4 days old, appears lethargic. He is not feeding well and appears to have a yellowish tinge to his skin.
On further questioning you discover the baby has not fed at all in the past 8
hours. What is the baby at risk of at this stage?

thanks in advance
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Yellow twinge, Jundice, High bilirubin levels and if baby hasn't feed in 8 hours they might be dehydrated can make them lethargic.
Good luck.

yeah, not eating at all will make a baby lethargic and make jaundice worse. this could be a simple case of normal jaundice compounded by not nursing.


it could be that the baby is sick somehow and is not nursing because of that.

off topic... PAM!!!! I have missed you soooo much!!!!
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