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Question from a Newbie

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I just found a website that is selling a pack of 18 one-size diapers plus 18 inserts. I read that if I want to wash the diapers every 3 days I should have about 36 diapers. Since the diapers come with inserts does that count as 36 or would I need to order 2 sets of 18 diapers + inserts? Or, 1 set of diapers and an extra set of inserts?

Thanks in advance!
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If I'm understanding this right, you wouldn't want to reuse the actual "pocket" part of your diaper without washing between uses (Even though it isn't absorbent, it still gets peed and pooed on!). If they are pocket diapers, each time you use one you would use the pocket part (the part that looks like a diaper) and stuff an insert inside. Therefore, you'd get 18 "uses" out of this stash. I hope that helps (and that I understood the question properly!
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Ahhh, ok. Oh, yes I just looked at the website again and the diapers do have pockets. I thought the insert just went inside right against the baby's tush so I could switch out inserts. Alrighty, then I will be getting two! Thanks!
Jessica - just a thought for you, as it looks like you are a first time mom & cd'er - I'm just going to offer my perspective, ok?

A lot of times pocket diapers, even the one-size ones, are a bit bulky on a nb. That might be ok with you, for some it works. I expect my baby to be on the small side (under 7 lbs? - I'm due in Aug!), and I think the one-size pockets would be bulky on my nb. For me, I like to have prefolds or fitteds for the newborn stage, with some good covers, and then move into a one-size diaper after the first month or two (or three). For an older baby, you probably don't need 36 diapers, although 24-36 for a nb is good.

My ds is 2 and we probably only go through 6-8 diapers/day now. And I wash every other day.

Another thought is that not every diaper fits every baby and each brand is different. It would be a bummer to buy 2 packs of 18, only to find out you don't care for the fit or style or it just doesn't work for your baby. kwim?

Just my 2 cents! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!
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I have heard that the one-size diapes fit well starting at about 10 lbs or so, depending on the brand of course. I would search here and on diaperswappers to find out people's experiences with them.

I second the advice to not buy too many of one thing right away - if it doesn't work you won't have any options. Some sites have a "rent" or "try" program where you can get a number of different diapes and use them for a set time, then return and buy what actually works for you. Often much of the rental cost can be applied towards products at the same store too.
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