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question - or suggestion?

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This may not be feasible and I'm not super familiar with all the rules here, but I've been wondering about the possibility of having some kind of list pinned to the top (similar to the GD book list in Gentle Discipline) with categories such as "NB dipes", "Trim fitteds", "wool soakers", or whatever - and links to products recommended by mamas here? Not reviews - once you see that WAHM X makes the type of dipe/cover you're looking for you can go into the reviews section to find that info.

Currently I end up bookmarking lots of sites and putting a note to myself about why I BMed it, but a reference list would be so handy for newbies and not-quite-newbies-but-not-yet-well-educated-diaper-addicts like myself
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Hi Lynne!! I have no clue about the rules as I am a newbie too (and broke about 3 this morning..
: ) but I just wanted to say welcome and that I see your in am I...where abouts are you??
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Nice to see another CO mama! I haven't found many yet.
I'm in the Denver area (the HUGE south burb, to be exact). If you're ever in these part, send me an e-mail. Maybe we can meet up
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My sister lives in Littleton but unfortunately she is not into cloth diapering. I'm trying really hard to get her interested though...

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A great place for this info is
It just takes a little while to figure out the CD resources.
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Hi there all you CO mamas! I should start a thread in the tribe forum about a CO mama get together! Didn't know there were so many of us here

Donna - Thanks! I know about diaperpin and use that a lot. Maybe I wasn't being really clear about my idea. Diaperpin is really more "general" type info (who makes wool covers, who makes AIO's, etc.) and reviews of the products and within those reviews you can find info about the fit and other specifics. What I was suggesting was more of a compilation of various threads that have posted to this forum. Not just "FItteds" "wool covers", etc, but "Trimmest fitteds", "Most absorbant fitteds", "Trimmest wool covers", "best NB dipes", etc. as a quick reference guide.
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I think it would be a great idea!
Also a section on prefold folds and converting prefolds to fitteds.
I tried to start a thread asking how to have some of these super-informative threads archived but no one responded last time I checked.
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