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question re: af and ttc after a miscarriage (x-posted in ttc)

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I am wondering if anyone out there can help me make sense of my af since my miscarriage in February (due to a blighted ovum). I had a natural miscarriage (ie. no d&C) and my midwife told me at my follow-up appointment that everything looked great. However, I have been having different af since then. The first few were long and very clotty. This cycle started 19 days after my last one!

I am still bfing my three year old, although I am in the slow process of weaning. She nurses in the morning and before bed (and at least once during the night). I have a naturopath appointment tomorrow to see what is going on, but I am curious if anyone else had something similar?

At this point I can't tell if it is the miscarriage or extended nursing that is making my body do funny things!


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I don't have personal experience with this (yet) but I would maybe start temping (if you're not already doing that) since that will tell you if you are ovulating normally. That's a much more important indicator of your fertility than how you are bleeding. It does seem like it would make sense to have some *different* cycles with everything you are going through.

and good luck!
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I had similar experiences like yours after having my 2nd DC and a m/c before my last DC. After having my 2nd DC I was getting my AF every 3 weeks, always on a monday. I had gotten my 1st pp AF between 3 &4 weeks as well. I was on a high dose BCP and had taken myself off of it b/c my AF were very painful, crampy, clotty, and heavy. I ended up ovulating the day I was expecting my AF and got pg (missed m/c or blighted ovum). After that m/c between him and my 3rd DC, my AF's really changed. I got my 1st AF after the m/c 19 days afterwards. Then it changed to 32-37 days. I never knew when to expect them. With another m/c from almost 2 years ago I got my 1st AF exactly 1 month afterwards, but then it came 19-20 days later again. After having my latest baby I got AF exactly 1 month later....

My whole point of trying to confuse you with all of this is that AF's are VERY unpredictable after having a m/c or a baby. Our bodies are so out of whack. THat's why they say to wait at least 3 cycles after having a m/c to conceive again. It gives your body a rest. We're also in postpartum healing for 6 months after having a baby, so AF's come randomly then too.

I would think it's the m/c that's causing your AF to be whacky. They'll get back to normal in due time. I am sorry to hear you had a blighted ovum. My OB wasn't sure after numerous ultrasounds if I had a BO or missed m/c. I know how hard it is on you. Either way, don't let anyone tell you it wasn't a "true" pg or there was never a baby. There WAS a baby. A BO is just when you lost the baby early on. My hubby tried using that line on me....I still never forgave him for it. But anyways, if you are in the slow process of weaning, maybe try Vitex/chastetree berry. It helps to regulate your cycles and it's safe while nursing. They just aren't sure if it dries up your milk or increases it.
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Thanks for your replies. I actually am in the midst of an early miscarriage. The bleeding a week early may have been implantation bleeding and I started to bleed again this week. Out of total curiousity and because it seemed so weird to be bleeding again (and because I woke up totally nauseous), I took a pg test, two actually. I got faint bfp both times. I find it hard to believe that this could have a positive outcome, so I am pretty much calling this an early miscarriage.

I am now feeling more convinced that I should ask for a hormone blood workup, to see if there isn't something amiss in my cycles. What do you think?


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