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Question to all you sewing wahm's please help me out by answering!

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Hello it's me kathryn5kids now w/6kids. For you who don't remember me I just had a baby April 10th Jessica. Well I've been researching my wahm options and had some questions of the ones who sew. My Jessica is a constant nurser. Which I don't mind because since she at first had latch on problems, she was growing slow and for any mom, that just makes you ancy. So for extra money to help out with all these medical bills rolling in I wanted to start something truely at home. I was trying for something where Jessica could be with me at all times. So I thought about sewing diapers and making home made "spa" products. But before I invest in fabrics, time, and motivation I wanted to get personal opinions out there on the "labor" I really hope you ladies could share your success/not success and why!

How many diapers do wahm typically sew in a day?
How quick do most wahm sew? or how many hours do you work in a typical day?
Is this worth income or more for a fun hobby that pays back the materials you spent? (please mom's answer this, I would hate to spend money on fabrics, to find out this is more a hobby. My husband would kill me and I would never hear the end of it... his "I told you so!"
Would anyone share their insights on how you start buying wholesale?
How long did it took you to see earn income?
personal success and not so success stories?

What's your favorite start-up website to display what you want to sell? (shopping cart features, etc?)

These are just some questions I have. I haven't made a decision yet on weither I'm going to do a wahm sewing, because I researching my labor issues first. I'm also thinking about the other options like Pampered chef, Discovery toys, tupperware, perhaps even Avon. It's not that I don't want to "do" labor. I just want to see how flexible my chosen wahm job is. With 6 kids and my newest a constant nurser, I would hate to take on more than I can and disappoint my customer. When I choose work I dedicate myself to my customers. For example I graduated massage school in 2000. I would go back to massage, however with my constant nurser that would be difficult on her. If you want to make good money the hours vary. And I would be away between 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours depending on how far my client lives. This unstable hours would hurt her. Although I guess I could choose to only schedule a particular time period of massaging, but then again I want to "be" with my new one at all times until she gets a little older. Hmmm more thoughts of more wahm's jobs. Whew before I ramble anymore please mom's help me out with your personal opinions!

I'm no mail right because I'm subscribed to so many groups I get hundreds of mail a day! ha ha! yeah when pregnant I was able to sit up at nights and read away. Now sleep is important with my nurser! ha ha!
But with these personal questions I'm sure it would be better to reply to my personal e-mail anyhow. I would truly appreciate it!
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Hmmmm, well I don't sew diapers, I sew slings....but maybe I can still help a little? My advice is to not jump in over your head. Start out slowly, getting small amounts of materials at a time. Do an instock only store, where you make a diaper and then put it on your site. The easy part is the sewing, the hard part is the selling. I didnt' sell a sling from my site for the first few months I was up, and now I still don't sell that many slings on my site, mostly it is ebay or friends who tell friends. The site sales is increasing, which I'm totally excited about, but still not to a point where I could stop listing on ebay. I've had my site going for about 6 months now.

I sew 2-3 slings a day, and it takes me about 45 min to do one sling. No clue on how long it takes to make a diaper.

It probably will be a hobby at first. You'll have to put everything you make back into the business. But that is the only way to grow.

I also do a sales company like those you mentioned (don't want to name it as to then subject myself to having a post removed
) If you wish to PM me about it I can give you more info. I have had varying success with the sales, sometimes great, sometimes stinks. You really have to work to make it work. I have a product that is well known, so alot of times people have called me because they found my name on the internet, but I really need to get out and hit the pavement with fliers and catalogs etc. I honestly would not recommend the home party sales stuff to moms who may have difficulty in finding childcare, sometimes I panic about finding a place for my kids to go so I can do a party. But I am a single mom, so if you have your DH and he is willing to watch kids so you can go out and sell then it would be good.

HTH some
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thanks, i'll e-mail you personally to talk more! hee hee
I agree with Jeni.

It will be a hobby at first, but if you're determined and don't give up eventually it could bring in more it just takes time. How much I sew depends on whether I want to or I started making my products last fall, I went gung ho and did it 7 nights a week. I tried cutting during the day but with a mischievious 2 year old that wasn't I have my website which I opened in Nov I think, it's slow but I'm okay with that for now. I also go in the farmers market twice a month, that is really picking up fast. I slowed down my sewing since going in the farmers market because I have enough products for a table. I have the same table every week and I utilize the peg board behind me and I have a clothes dryer stand I use for the slings. It doesn't cost me any more because I'm using the same space. I don't make enough to justify the cost of 2 table.

Another thing it to search locally to see if there are any stores that would be willing to carry your products.

You could also offer the massages at your house instead of having to drive. If you offered pregnancy massage and handed out business cards you could have the sewn products listed on the cards too to get repeat business.
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thanks for your input!

ha ha I'v really thought and considered the massaging at home, however I thought about what happens when husband is being a jerk? My kids will interupt us. very unprofessional! Or they will interupt us by noises. Plus my massages are very professional. I want the bathroom near in case my clients wants to wash off the oils. I want the scenory to be perfect. (this will take investment on modeling.) Plus all the insurances you would need to prevent law suits in case there is those crooks who, "oops I fell.". Different when having a home spa vs renting a space else where. So I decided when Jessica is older I will re-join my profession. However right now my hubby is bugging me to get a part-timer.

You could also offer the massages at your house instead of having to drive. If you offered pregnancy massage and handed out business cards you could have the sewn products listed on the cards too to get repeat business
ooooh I like this idea. Thanks!

And I love the farmers market thing too!
thanks for the ideas!!!!!
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I will PM you back...been a busy day here, look for it tomorrow
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what about doing less than a full body massage?

i know chair massage can sell well; its like 15 minutes a person sort of thing, no oils

or i wonder if a local place like maybe a hairdresser? would let you do foot massage

that way you could avoid having people at your home
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