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* Some types of paints have uglier health effects than others. Mostly you are worried about a class of paints that contain "VOCs" - volatile organic chemicals.

* Assume that it will take two weeks for the newest paint to offgass by half of the toxic chemicals.

* Ventilation is good: cheap and effective.... if your incoming outdoor air stream is cleaner than the indoor air.

* You could try to wear a carbon face-mask, but you'd have to change out the carbon pretty often. It could get expensive.

* If you want to invest in a machine, you might do well to buy a HEPA air filter and point the air vent directly into your personal air space, where you breathe in. A decent machine at a decent price is the Aireox. (D-Model 45 - Room model). If you invested in such a machine, then you could also use it for your new baby. I recommend HEPA air filters for any room a baby is sleeping in that doesn't receive constant ventilation from clean outdoor air.

I've got more to say, but I'm outta time!

-- Caitlin
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