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I had an allergy to grains (hmm, that is vague, but I was four, so I don't remember details) as a todler and received allergy treatment (the shots) for it. It apparently helped, because I grew up eating a lot of grains.
Now we have a dd (10 mos) who has all kinds of allergy issues. Going through this I realise that my grain allergy probably showed itself earlier in colic and chronic sinus infections long before I finally broke out in hives.
My question is, might I still be having issues with grains and not know it, meaning have no definite symptoms? I haven't even had a sinus infecion in a year. I have not been eating gluten containing grains, corn or rice (trying to figure out intolerances in dd who is still nursing), but still had millet, amaranth and buckwheat. Now I am suspecting that she is reacting to millet and amaranth, even though I have never had these before we started avoiding gluten. Also, this is not a new reaction, I am still working on pinpointing all her sensitivities, so she could have been reacting all along and I just didn't know it.
At the moment I only have grains for breakfast. But I am having a lot at a time. Also, the grains are all soaked.
I gave her a bite of millet one time
: (I normally don't give her grains directly, but due to bad planning I had nothing else available while we were eating). She reacted to that. So, it could also just be that her gut is so inflamed that millet made her react (small rash, behaviour) because she cannot handle grains. The amaranth though she only had through my milk.

Okay, so that is it. Any ideas?
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