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I am looking for a job I can do online.
Not a pyramid scheme or anything that I have to pay upfront.

Just a regular weird stuff...
any links...
or know of anyone who needs internet work?

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I've been spending all day looking at this too. There's medical transcription. I once saw some sort of customer service job. I just want to subscribe to this thread. We are dead ass broke too... and moving in with my mom in NW FL... my mom went to your school too... You've probably heard all about her!!!!! HAHHAA. Are you getting financial aid to pay for your school? I just graduated with an English degree and have no clue what the heck I have to do now. We had a garage sale this weekend and made 250 on pure garbage. Everything was less than 4 dollars. But we put an ad in the paper and a million people showed up. This is in MS, so I'm imagining that Gainesville would have even more people. It was fun and well worth it.
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