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I'm not familiar with an insulin test. Did they mention anything about hemoglobin? Did they prick her finger and do a blood glucose test?

56, IMHO, would be way too high for a HbA1c (hemoglobin a1c). Even in uncontrolled diabetics, you'll find numbers in the 9-13% range.

If they pricked her finger and did a blood glucose test and got 56, it would mean that she was hypoglycemic (low blood sugar). They would have probably offered your daughter some juice or something on the spot.

Was it an insulin tolerance test?

Has your daughter lost a lot of weight recently? If so, that can be a sign of Type 1. Type 2 is usually in overweight kids, but not always.

If she's type 1, she'll have to take insulin...and may be on a pump. If it's type 2, they may be able to control it with diet, or she may be put on something like glyburide or metformin. (Metformin, more likely I would guess.) Either way, you'll meet as a family with a certified diabetes educator--who will go over everything you need to know. There are also support groups your daughter can join, etc.
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