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Questions about ducks

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Hi, we are the new owners of 5 ducks make that 4 ducks and one drake, don't ask me what breed but they aren't the standard white ones.
As you have probably guessed I know nothing about ducks, except they are very amusing to watch. They are laying eggs, we get 3 each day, but they have started to cover the eggs with grass, they have dug a nice hole. I have been told that they are ready to nest (?) if so what do I need to do if we were going to have ducklings? Also they are in a pen with 2 hens that came with them and 5 poulets and a cockeral, do I need a seperate enclosure for the nesting duck and any subsequent babies? Their pen is a reasonable size with a pond and they free range for most of the day. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Check out the homesteading magazine Countryside and their website They have a bookstore, one of the books is Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks. Maybe you can get it from your library.
Sorry, I don't have any specifics. Good luck.
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