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well, NOTHING is impossible!!
obviously you have concrete proof that YOU do indeed O that early. FF and all the "experts" work with averages to come up with the "rules." it's not necessarily that their rules are wrong, it's just that they can't possibly cover every single person. you just happen to be special.

i don't know anything about the science or medicine regarding progesterone issues and Oing early...especially since i tend to be on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. but i do know that NO ONE knows their bodies better than ourselves. and if you have hard proof that confirms what you know, people can talk themselves silly telling you you're wrong and they will never be right.

around here in ttc land, we're all trying so hard to follow the rules and we get freaked out when our bodies don't follow them. and we're also so eager to share our accumulated knowledge, that we sometimes forget that we are all so very different and the rules do bend.

i just want to encourage you, as an expert in your own body, to shrug off the "that's impossibles" when they come.
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