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Kitttykat the more I read this board, the internet and pay attention to my body, the more I am convinced ovulation can happen anytime in one's cycle (give or take) in different women.

If you have concrete charting proof of your O dates, take those concerns to your doctor and explain exactly what you just said here. Or just start BDing at that time and see what happens.

It's funny you bring this up b/c I just got off the phone with a friend who has 3 kids and she was telling me that she charted, temped etc and couldn't get pregnant with her 3rd for months. She was BDing during her O time too. Then she decided to do it at another time and that's when she got pregnant. Not near her O time. Figures.

So I don't understand it either b/c I look at some women's charts on here and they BD all the way leading to O and yet they're not getting pregnant. And yet the ones who BD after seem to get pregnant. Which is completely contradictory to what we're told. That you can't get pregnant after you O unless you BD on the day you O.
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