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Questions about EBF

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Hi Everyone,
I'm looking to some of you more experienced mamas out there. I have a 10 month old ds who is bf and hase not had to have formula yet. I work full time (night shift) and pump. He nurses 2-4 times a day. I am wondering how things are going to change as he gets older? Has anyone introduced whole milk (at 12months), yet still BF? I was wondering if it would be ok to do that at meals for a little drink and still bf for naps and sleep. Has anyone mixed cow's milk and breastmilk together if the have not pumped enough? I work only weekend night shift from 7pm to 7am and sometimes miss 2 feedings of his. I do my best to pump at work but it gets busy sometimes.......(I'm a nurse). I am just wondering about this stuff. Plenty of my coworkers have BF passed the one year point and all added cow's milk. I am looking for other opinions!
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i started letting my dd have soy milk in a cup after a year, maybe like 14 months i think.
we're still nursing a LOT at 24 months. i ask her if she is thirsty and if she wants milk in a cup first, and she can decide if she wants cold milk or hot milk!
i let my 13 month old have sips of my whole milk but 99% of his milk is still breast milk. He does get juice in a sippy cup sometimes also.
I started offering some soy milk around a year when ds was in daycare and they were giving all babes regular milk with meals-I am not crazy about hormones in nonorganic milk that school could only afford, and that way he had a cup like all the other kids. Now at 21 months he drinks soy milk during the day, but still nurses at lunch and eves. My job (I am a nurse also, but now work in clinical informatics) is busy, pumping was really a difficult stresser with no support from employer. So when he started to not take Brst milk bottles during day around 14 or 15 months, it was rather a relief not to have to pump-but also why I race across town at lunch to nurse him-at least that I can do-but not something I could have done back when I worked on the floors!
So, you are saying you work only 2 days/wk? 2 , 8 hr shifts.

You try to pump but sometimes you can't. You don't get over full and uncomfortable?

Your ds is only nursing 2-4 x/day, even when you are together? Yet, he drinks no other milk? Is he eating lots of table foods and drinking water? Does he eat cow's milk cheese or yogurt? Or soy cheese or goat cheese?

If your answer is yes to above questions, I would answer: yes, he could have cow milk (if not allergic). Does he need it? No. Most animal species never drink the milk of another species. If he is only cueing to nurse 2-4x/day, as it is so far, he is receiving enough nutrition, he does not need to supplement with another species milk.
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