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questions about expanding a newbie/newborn stash

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Hello everyone,

I'm expecting my first child toward the end of July (only six weeks to go!) I am planning to use cloth diapers on her after the first week, even though I'll have disposables on hand to tide over the CDing learning curve. So far, I've only bought 12 newborn sized Thirsties cotton prefolds, 2 X-small Thirsties covers and 2 snappis. I want to expand my stash, adding more prefolds, at least 3-4 more covers, maybe a few fitteds, a pail liner/wetbag and cloth wipes.

For the prefolds, what size do you advise? Is the infant size going to be okay for a newborn? Also, I had seen some colored prefolds on a website, which looked really pretty! I know the PFs are going to be covered most of the time, but I'm tempted to try a few of those! I was wondering if anyone could guide me to a source.

For more covers, I want to try something more breathable. (My daughter is going to be a July baby in Texas!) Is it worth it trying out these types of covers in context of the runny poop that newborns tend to have? Or should I hold off till the baby is older, 'coz these run somewhat pricey? Also, if you do advise to try them, can you suggest brands/sources? I have gotten in touch with Pam at loveybums, and hope to try her wool covers. Her website says she's out of fleece, but I've e-mailed her to find out for sure. What are some of the other good fleece/wool covers and places to get them?

I've heard good things about kissaluvs fitteds, and will probably include a couple to see how they work for my baby. Any other suggestions for fitteds for a newborn/young infant that I should consider/try? I don't want to spend a lot of money for something that's going to be useful/convenient for a very short time...

I have more questions (can you tell I'm a nervous FTM yet?!) about wipes and wetbags, but I guess I'll ask them in a separate thread, as this post is long enough!

Sorry for the length of the post. And thanks a lot for providing such an informative and supportive forum for overwhelmed newbies like me!

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IMO infant sized prefolds are too big for most newborns. I think mine were to bullky for the first month. So you need something smaller (most probably) for about the first month. I'd just get more newborn sized prefolds.

Personally I like Prowraps for newborn and small covers. They really hold the poop in. The baby tends to stay in medium for a good while so I would wait until then to try out other kinds of covers like fleece. Just from my experience.
Thanks for your reply! I'll definitely get more NB sized prefolds then.. I had wanted to try some of the breathable covers, but what you said makes sense. In fact, Pam at loveybums also said something quite similar. I might still go ahead and get one or two fleece/wools if I find a good price. Else I'll just wait for the medium stage.

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