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I'm brand new to this world of cloth diapers. When my son was wearing them 7 years ago I didn't have the internet and used a diaper service. Woo, was that expensive. Now I'd like to try buying some and see how it works.

I've decided on hemp for many reasons and was thinking about buying a stock of hempers prefolds. I have diaper covers from years ago, will they work with these? Has anyone bought hempers used? Do you think that's a good idea or not?

Also, after reading this board I see that many of you use a combination of diapers. Can you tell me what different kinds you use and in what situations? Is it realistic to expect I would only need prefolds? What are the pros and cons of the other types of diapers.

Which diaper covers do people like best? What are the most economical? I'm a SAHM on a budget!

I know I have a lot of questions, but this looks like the place to get answers.


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I use Hempers as part of my stash because I got my hands on some seconds and they were easier for me to get then say, Polar Babies Hemp or other ones.

These are hard! Stiff,/hard and really big but we love them. They are perfect stuffers for pockets and very very absorbant. Just not so soft, IMO.

THe best economical covers I have tried are Bummis whisper pants, or if you want wraps, Proraps are great and cheap.


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i have some hempers prefolds, i used them primarily for stuffing because they are a bit stiff.
i would recommend just getting a few of everything to try before you go all out on one thing.
used hempers prefolds would be fine i think....ive been using mine on and off for about 2 yrs and they are better than ever!
yeah i think the best thing to do is start out with a variety of stuff to see what you like.
buying used is a great idea because then if you dont like it, you can resell it without losing too much $.
we have some prefolds that we use with nikkys, and we use fuzzi bunz with hemp inserts, and a few AIO's I have from hidden pearl creations.
I am actually not using my hempers right now bc the inserts work fine for kalob, but I am saving them for when he is a heavier wetter, to stuff in our fuzzi bunz.
I think my biggest recommendation is to not buy a whole bunch of anything until you try it and know you like it. Try to keep it as simple as you can, with just cloth diapering your babies bum as the main goal. You can always get fancier as time goes on if you wish!
Good luck!
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