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Hi Everyone,

This is my first time here on the VBAC board. I had a C-section on 4/24/04 per my OB's reccomendation. Looking back I am kicking myself for not researching on my own first. She said that since I had a 4th degree laceration with my first that I would risk not being able to control my bowels if I had another.

*Now* my thinking is that I should have contacted a midwife and figured out how to avoid tearing rather than signing up for the CS.

I would like to have one more chlid in another 3 years or so and I *really* do not want another CS. Is my ob's reasoning for me having a CS reasonable? I know nothing of natural birthing since I had PIH with my first child I had a medical birth and then jumped right on board with a CS for the second. I had bad bfing problems this time and I really attribute it to the medical birth, drugs, and rough recovery.

Anyone have an experience similar to mine that led to a successful natural delivery? I was able to get to 4cm before even getting to the hospital this time, so I feel confident that I could handle a natural birth.


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