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I am just about ready to start ttc baby #3. I did not have good pregnancies with either of my first two babies. I am researching ways to avoid some of the problems I had.

With baby #1, preterm labor contractions started at 22 weeks, with #2 they started at 25 weeks. I had terbutaline and bedrest for about 4 months with both kids. I did not deliver early. In fact, when I was finally let off of bedrest and meds, I had lots and lots of contractions that didn't do anything for two weeks. It was very annoying. Is there some way to avoid preterm labor?

Secondly, I was gbs positive and put on antibiotics, and iv while laboring. I definitely want to avoid that this time. I don't want to have to be hooked up to an iv the whole time. Also, the antibiotics made me have thrush/nursing issues for months afterwards. I HAVE to avoid this this time.

I am a bit nervous about getting pregnant again. I have endo and last year my appendix ruptured - so you should see the outside of my stomache. Lots of scars. I am definitely concerned about all the scar tissue inside. BUT - my ob has given me the go ahead to start ttc. In fact, since my endo has progressed so much, I have to try ttc now or it may be too late.

If anyone has any links to point me to, that would be great.
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