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Questions About Random Pains

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Last night I was lying curled on my right side, and I stretched out my left/top leg. I got this shooting pain in the left side of my groin and it's still sore this morning. What's up with that?

Also, it feels like my pubic bones are already spreading. Normal?

I'm 22 weeks but since I am carrying two, more like 29 weeks in terms of symptoms.

Yes, I KNOW these are questions for my HCP but I'm between those right now.
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yes, i have these periodic pains too. i get strange shooting pains in the groin area and sometimes a dull ache- i had this also woth my dd but i seem to remember it happening much later in the preg. (at present, i am 16-7 weeks). i wouldn't be concerned about it-
Not sure about the shooting pains, but we have an "achy crotch club" in the March Mamas group!

My pelvic area has been sore since day 1 this time. I did not experience it 1st pregnancy (but did suffer a sore tailbone for 4 months), and last pregnancy it didn't start until much later. Last weekend I heard and felt a big POP in my pelvis. It must be spreading. It can be REALLY sore, if anyone has any suggestions or remedies, pass them on!
Feeling better, thanks!
Well I am only 4.5 weeks and I get sudden, shooting pains in the midback and belly, and down thru the crotch too, especially along my old forceps scars.
I hope it goes away! I also hurt my back this morning opening the garage door.
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Sounds like it could be round ligament pain. Some women get it, too, when they sneeze or get up using their abdominal muscles. Everything is loosening up - even now! - so take care.
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How do I take care? I can't exactly avoid using my abdominal muscles, can I?
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I have one area on my side where I consistently get muscle cramps
and the spreading pelvic pain...I've had it for awhile now but this week it gots lots worse. This is what is keeping me from laying on my back. Of course when I'm on my side and stand up I get the same feeling from everything being squished and then given space..... we just can't win!
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Hee hee, I was thinking about this thread today and I realized I said "pubic" instead of "pelvic" bones. Heh.
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