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questions about raw food diet

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I eat tons of raw fruits and veggies but i am a little bit confused about the rest of the diet. How do you eat beans raw and rice and pasta? Can someone fill me in on exactly what a raw food diet consists of?
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I'm not a raw foodist but generally, beans are eaten fresh, like green beans and peas, etc. not dried. They don't eat rice and pasta since it has to be cooked.

GEnerally, it consists of lots of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and raw legumes. And lots of creativity with the above items.!
Pasta is made from frsh veggies. There's a gadget called a spiral slicer ($20) which will do it for you or you can use a veggie peeler to make "fettucine" I use zucchini or summer squash for linguni or fettucini and turnips for a ravioli.

Beans are sprouted as are grains if you choose to consume them. Rice, oat groats, wheatberries etc. can be soaked and eaten (I don't.)

Most recipes will call for nuts for grain or meat based dishes (think burgers, falafels etc.) Nuts are also used for pates.

Treats are generally nut or date based.

Nothing is heated above 117 degrees, but things can be dehydrated (I'm making an enchilada right now...dehydrating corn tortilla and then I'll add the filling-chopped veggies marinated in olive oil and sea salt- and dehydrate some more so it will be slightly warm when we eat it.) For dessert we're having a cheesecake which has a nut crust and a blended nut filling with some lemon juice and coconut oil. Honestly, it tastes like cheesecake!

Many sauces are nut based (not all) I make a great salad dressing that has raw almond butter and raw tahini as a base.

My kids beg for raw brownies, cookies and cakes and all they are are various combinations of dates and nuts. I'm also dehydrating cookies that are simply bananas, raisins, macadamia nuts and walnuts. They will not see this weekend.

The thing about the diet is that it's totally whole foods. There's nothing you can make that isn't healthful, ya know? And kids are happy to eat this way.
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