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Questions About South Africa

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Anyone know anything about Limpopo (northern province)? For a book I'm working on I need some general information to get a feel for the place. I can't get there for a while. Letaba or Tzaneen look like the area choices at this stage from the look of my research so far.

If Limpopo isn't somewhere you know, anything like it would be helpful also. This part of my book is about certain poverty issues, so I'm looking for information about housing, geography and so on. I have done research, but I'm finding it hard to get a feel for it, as photos are hard to come by. I did an image search and I can't quite tell if the bushland is subtropical and dense or if it is sparce like other parts of SA.


Any help would be great!
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Limpopo province is pretty dry--not arid like the Karoo, which is semi-desert, but definitely not "tropical." Lots of small, thorny bushes and small trees, and grass.

What's your book on? Feel free to PM me if you want to chat more about this stuff.
It's Bushveld. Dry, but lots of trees. It's open around rural areas, the people like to live in the open. They cut the trees and bushes etc.
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