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Hey mamas. Dd has terribly sensitive skin.. and the last 6 months we have been trying everything to help.... We've cut out all hemp, microfleece, suedecloth etc. on inner of covers (we still use PUL Outer but with a cotton inner fabric next to skin)... and we just went to unbleached cotton prefolds.
She is doing MUCH better but still red and easily rashy... I'm pretty sure it's the urine.. I try to change her as soon as she pees.. but I don't always catch it etc.
I'm wanting to buy/use Lanolin (lansinoh brand) straight on her bottom after EVERY singe diaper change...
mamas that use/have used it... tell me does it build up on the diapers? I mean will it wash out completely in the wash.. I do wash my prefolds on hot if that helps.

Any input is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
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