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Questions about Weight Watchers

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I've never had a weight problem before so never considered what Weight Watchers was, but someone suggested it in another thread I started and now I'm very curious about it.

In the past, some of my pregnancy weight has always come off postpartum just by breastfeeding, and then I'd do aerobic exercises to help it along and get into shape.

Right now I'm at five weeks post seventh baby's birth and am seeing something most unusual in the way my weight is going. First of all, I got stuck around 160 lbs (got up to nearly 185 with the pregnancy, and my starting weight was 135) for the first month, and then this past week I discovered I've gone UP to 164 lbs.

I always wait till six weeks postpartum before starting aerobic exercise, but seeing the scale go up has been quite the shocker for me even without exercise.

What I'm wondering is how do-able is Weight Watchers for a mom who works full time from home? Is it something that requires extra time to prepare special meals just for me on top of the foods I prepare for the rest of the family? As it is, most days we eat "quick" foods (grab a handful of nuts or seeds, have a few slices of cheese or tofu, an apple, a bowl of grapes, slice up a pineapple, throw a pile of frozen chicken into the oven, whip together some peanut butter and banana sandwiches, those kinds of things) coz I'm stuck at the computer trying to get enough work done to meet our basic monthly budget. This isn't a supplemental income thing, either, so I can't cut back. This is our family's sole income as my husband is laid off his job and there's very little else he can do with his disabilities.

Then another issue is will it cost more than I can afford and then I'll have to work even MORE hours just to pay for it?

I went to the WW site and saw something about an online group they have for $5 a week. What exactly does the $5 pay for? Are there free groups for this kind of thing? Or is it worth the money? (I shudder at the thought of pushing myself to earn even an extra $20 a month right now, with just not enough hours in the day.

I might have more questions later.
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With WW all foods are assigned a point value depending on calorie, fat and fibre content of the food. there is a quiz to determine how many points you can eat per day, plus you get 35 points in addition to your daily points to use on "extras" throughout the week. You can also earn more points by exercising. You shouldn't have to eat differently from the rest of your family (I don't) as long as you don't exceed your points. You should pay online for at least a month or so as that is the only way to get the full program information. I go to weekly meetings, so I don't know what online membership includes. As a nursing mom you will also get extra points to account for the calories burned by breastfeeding.

Check out our WW thread in this forum.
I highly reccomend weight watchers, it really works. If you are not familiar to the program I'd consider going to meetings, at least to start, I think it is around $10/week. Or you could pay by the month & save a few bucks. I'm not familiar with the online program either, sorry.
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