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For night time you could try tri-folding a cpf down the center of the cpf. This would keep it from being so bulky, but would had more layers in the center where needed. I've used a cpf with a doubler at night and it's held up. You might want to invest in just a few hemp doublers for night time. I have Joey Bunz ?? from Baby Kicks/Hemparoo and a few from Growing Greens that work great.

I don't think a fleece liner allows you to go longer between changes (once the diaper is soaked it's soaked), but it does keep baby feeling drier. I use either fleece topped doublers or a piece of fleece fabric in just about anything that's not lined with fleece. It keeps Zane's bum feeling nice and dry.

I check Zane about every hour or so during the day if we're at home and he's awake. However, when we're out and about it can be as long as 2-3 hours. At night he sleeps in a fleece lined fitted diaper with wool cover or a Fuzzi Bunz with two inserts. He can go as long as 7-8 hours and wakes up feeling nice and dry. He has slept this long in a cpf with doubler too.

Good luck!!

~Angie, Mom to Race, 10 and Zane, 4/8/04
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