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Questions on Tea

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I'm new to tea drinking and have a question.

What herbs or additives in tea are ok/ not ok when Breastfeeding. Like, I saw a Sleepytime tea, with Valeran (sp?), and I wasn't sure what that was...or chickory or licorice root, are those ok?

I guess I always just thought tea was tea. You know like tea leaves and maybe some lemon or honey flavoring. But alot of the tea at the store has all this other stuff in it. So, I'm wondering what I should avoid. Like I remember someone saying around Thanksgiving that Sage can affect your milk supply, so I've avoided teas with that. Obviously, I don't want anything harmful to the baby; but I'd also like to avoid stuff that would lower my milk supply.

Maybe I should have put this in the BFing section, I wasn't sure.

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Tea is technically one type of plant, which black, green, and white come from.
All have cafeinne in them, less as the leave gets lighter.

All the other teas are actually infusions, which is the steeping of plant matter in boiling water.

Valeran is a sedative (valium type) and will come through your breast milk. Sleepy baby.

Licorice root and chicory will not harm. Licorice adds a sweet flavor at the back of the throat and I like it with bancha twig. Chicory is a coffee substitute.

If you wish more breast milk, red clover and raspberry are good choices.
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