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I need to be able to figure out when ovulation occurs after surge detection. For women going the natural route this does not matter much as you can cover all bases. I'm planning IUIs with frozen sperm, so my window is much smaller.

From what I've been able to figure out in one of my cycles, my surge lasted 2 days(detection by CB easy fertility monitor or OPKs). On the 3rd day, my temps stay low and I was still making EWCM and the monitor was registering a high fertility(but not peak), meaning I ovulated atleast 48 hours after surge detection. The problem is things could change from cycle to cycle, some cycles I might ovulate earlier.

My question was, considering BBT/CM readings and surge detection, have you guys been able to determine-
a) how long your surge lasts
b)when ovulation occurs(taking time of first detection of surge as hour 0)

Most doctors inseminate at about 30 hours post surge detection, I was wondering to do this, or a post 48 hour insem.
Hoping the law of averages would give me a clue.

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law of averages may be wrong for you... you could be one of those that O sooner or one of them that O later... so there's really no way to say for sure.

I do not remember how long frozen sperm last but I believe its nowhere near the usual 5 days... so obviously you dont want to do it too soon...

but many studies have shown if you insem any time after ovulation actually occurs your chances drop drastically.

Is there any way you could hold off for maybe a month or two to do BBT and see if your body changes?... just to ensure that you do not have some insems go to waste? (because if I recall correctly... it can get very expensive to do it over and over with no results)

because some women really are like clockwork and will always be the same. Some however, are not.
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