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Questions to ask a doula?

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Don't know if this is in the right place... but I was wondering what kinds of quesitions everyone asks their doula when they interview... I am meeting with one on Wednesday night but have never had a doula so I need to know what I should ask her!
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I am a Doula, but I was just helping my cousin in another state with this as she is interviewing Doulas. I would ask them about their own birth(s) and watch not just their words, but their facial expressions and attitudes. Ask them about how they will help you with any specific preferences you have and if they have experiences with anyone in your situation (i.e. VBAC, no medication, interventios, homebirth, etc. or whatever your preferences are).

Be clear on services offered - how long it will take them to get to you, if they have a back-up Doula, if you are having a hospital birth will they come to your home first while you labor at home or do they just meet you at the hospital, prenatal and postpartum meetings/visits, if they can help with breastfeeding, if they are available by phone before and after the birth, etc. Most of this should be in their contract so make sure you read the contract carefully before you sign. I can't tell you how many of my clients sign at the initial meeting w/out reading the contract.

Also ask them what they would do in the case of a posterior or breech baby. I'm sure there's more I left out, so I will be watching this thread to see what others come up with.
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I had a client ask me to decribe my personality, actually how my family would describe my personality. I think that is a good one because you need to mesh and feel comfortable with her. I would ask her if she has any tricks she really likes (hip squeese, pressure points, rice sock, ect) it will tell you if she has things in her "labor bag" other than massage tools ie ideas and things she's used successfully. I'd ask for references and actually call a couple. I would ask her what her philosophy on labor and birth is. It should match with yours as in labor is natural and moms knows what is right and just needs support or birth should be positive to mom no matter what that birth looks like to her. This is all that comes to mind right now. Good job thinking ahead and having questions!
Here's one thing I didn't think of when narrowing down doulas:

If you think it might be important to you, ask if they write a "birth story" or summary. One of mine did and I am so glad she did, as there were things I did not realize or got wrong or forgot about. She kept notes the whole time, like what time this happened and what time that happened. It's invaluable to me.

My appointment is tonight... any other good questions???
I think that, perhaps, you'll know what to ask when you meet her...whether you want to go any further at all in the conversation will completely depend on whether or not the two of you "mesh" emotionally from the start. You really want that.
It went really well!! I really liked her... she is fairly new but having been a student nurse at one point in my life I like to give people chances! She knows her stuff... She trained with the homebirth midwives in the area... so I know she received good training.

She is DONA and ALACE trained. She has worked with my current midwife before.

Something very interesting came about from the conversation though. I told her that I was thinking about homebirth but hadn't decided yet. And didn't know where I could find a homebirth midwife. So she told me who I could call and how much she loves them! She also ended up telling me that my CNM is practically best friends with this "underground" midwife... And that if I had a transfer to the hospital it would be to the hospital I already go to and to my midwife...

That really excited me!! Now I am just trying to decided if I should ask my current midwife what she thought about homebirth (since she is friends with the hb mw!) The only thing keeping me from it right now is the money. Oh and giving up my midwife who has delivered both of my kids... I love her!

But anyhow. We are going to call this doula back and use her. She was awesome and I felt really good about her!
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