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Well, I believe the decision has been made to homeschool for third grade. We are going to have him finish up second grade in public school, and then make the transition. (As long as there are no new problems / he continues to do okay for the next 7 weeks.)

Now I have questions.

Ds2 is enrolled for his second year of preschool, to start in the fall. It is at a Christian preschool, which we LOVE. We love the teachers, the experience, everything about it.

Is it "strange" for me to be homeschooling ds1 and yet have ds2 in preschool? I am picturing field trips, class parties, etc. where now I would have my oldest along with me. (And my youngest, as usual.)

I don't want to NOT send him to preschool. Like I said, we love it and so does he. Also, we are "trying out" homeschooling for a year with ds1... If the decision was made to return to public school, then obviously I want ds2 to be better prepared for kindergarten.

I guess my question is: Has anyone done this? Do you think it's weird? Would the teachers think it's weird?

I don't like the idea of starting out trying to homeschool TWO of them.
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Not weird at all. My middle dd went to Montessori kindergarten while I homeschooled my first for grade 1. DD1 came to all montessori functions and loved it. DD2 came to all homeschool functions. It was a very busy but fun year for everyone. The teachers didn't mind having DD1 at the school functions, but they knew her as she had been a student there for the previous three years, and DD enjoyed being a 'helper' at her old school.
Of course, I also had ds tagging along, too, but that was never a problem either.
I don't see any problems with your plan. Good Luck!
I don't think it's weird, but then again the first year we homeschooled DD, DS was in preschool. By the time we were getting ready to start our second year I brought DS home too!
it's not unusual for families to be split, with some kids being schooled and some being homeschooled. I don't think it matters what the teachers or anyone else thinks about your choice to school the way you see fit.
My dd goes to a preschool and loves it -- she won't get to go and we'll really miss it. Preschool can be very different from school - usually with open play programs and small teacher/student ratios. I think if school were like the preschools i've experienced, I might think about sending my kids.
Homeschooling is all about personal choices.
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Another vote for it not being weird!
Many families have individual kids in different schooling situations.
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Thank you all for your replies. It's not so much that I "care" what they think, like that would have any influence on my decision. It's just one of the questions that came up in my head, as I am thinking of every aspect of this huge change in our lives. It is helpful to know that there are other families who have done things this way, and that it probably won't be all that weird.
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I have a friend who's going to be homeschooling her daughter next year with her son in preschool, so it's not just you.
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