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Quick! Could my toddler have inhaled her medicine?

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My 15 month old DD is on amoxicillian for an ear infection and we've had a terrible time giving her the medicine. Tonight she had it in her mouth and held her breath or couldn't breath and seemed to be gagging on the liquid. Then I lifted her up and she was OK, but I am worried she may have inhaled it instead of swallowing it. She didn't cough or anything, I'm just worried. Would she have coughed or cried? I guess it would have burned and made her cry, right??

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if she had fluid in her lungs you would definitely know by now. if she is acting normally and breathing relatively well right now i wouldnt be too worried. maybe try giving it to her in smaller doses - just a few drops at a time even. how about mixing it in with something she likes - like yogurt or pudding?
thanks, I think I was just over worried. She seems fine. Unfortunately she's had almost no appetite for anything other than breastmilk since she got sick or I would try to miz it into food. And since she won't eat, she's getting intestinal distress, no probiotics. I mized a capsule of acidophilus onto juice...but that's all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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